Badly Needed Help, Please Explain My 2d Echo Result In Layman's Term


Asked by kym712

Badly Needed Help, Please Explain My 2d Echo Result In Layman's Term

3 year ago I had 2D echo because I was experiencing palpitation. My doctor told me that I had a mitral valve prolapse. She told me that it is not life threatening. 3 months ago, I experienced palpitation, difficulty in breathing and chest pain. So, I went to another cardiologist. I had 2D echo again. My doctor told me that He saw something in my heart. So, I told him that I have mitral valve prolapse. He said contrary to what I said I don't have Mitral valve prolapse but instead I have an alarming result because in between normal and bypass operation, I am now in the middle. If you could please explain in layman's term what my 2D echo result means. Is it life threatening? This is my 2D echo result: Interpretation: doppler: normal mitral tricuspid E/A ratios normal pulmonary artery pressure 2D ECHO: Normal left ventricular geometry (left ventricular mass index = 71 g/m2; relative wall thickness = 0.37) with mild hypokinesia of the arterior interventricular septum and anterior left ventricular free wall from base to apex Normal right ventricular dimension with adequate wall motion and contractility Normal left atrial dimension with normal left atrial volume index (19 ml/m2) Normal right atrial dimension Structurally normal mitral valve, aortic valve, tricuspid valve and pulmonic valve with good opening and closing motion Normal main pulmonary artery and aortic root dimension CONCLUSION: Normal left ventricular geometry with mild segmental wall motion abnormality; ejection fraction = 70%; E/E1 = 6


Hi Kym712:

I understand why you are concerned and confused. Your results aren't clear cut, some of the results are normal but some of it is a little abnormal, and unfortunately I haven't had the schooling to decipher it all. It would be best for you to visit with your doctor more about your results. Even better would be having your echocardiogram results from 3 years ago present for comparison. You may even feel more comfortable visiting with your family physician, he/she could review the results with you.

Obviously, something is going on because of the symptoms you are having. I hope your cardiologist did explain your options. If you are unsure about your cardiologists opinion, it wouldn't hurt for you to get a second opinion.

Sorry, I am not able to further answer your question.

Best Regards,

Tara, RN