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I am infatuated with Starbucks. Not in the sense that I dream of Starbucks while sleeping or in the sense where I carve my name into a heart alongside the Starbucks logo onto some tree trunk. Infatuated yes, irrational no.

But Starbucks is one of the few spoils that I actually crave. If a coffee product is on my mind, it immediately morphs in to a need for Starbucks and Starbucks only. I will pass any number of exits posting signs for coffee until I see one with the sign for Starbucks. My husband does not understand this behavior even in part although I have patiently explained many times why Starbucks is a higher order.

That said, I was pretty happy when I found that protein shakes were a staple on my bariatric diet after my gastric bypass surgery. With a little imagination, I was sure I could make a protein shake that had a Starbucks Frappuccino flavor and texture. Off to the lab I went.

Results From the Bariatric Lab

If you want to branch out from traditional protein shakes and kick start your morning, protein shakes made with cold coffee are wonderful. Be sure to use cold coffee and espresso rather than room temperature or hot. The flavor will be bolder and less bitter, and it won't melt your ice into water. I refrigerate leftover coffee and espresso for my protein shakes - perfect for my bariatric life

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Frappe Recipngredients:
5-10 ice cubes
1 cup cold, strong coffee
1 cup cold almond milk
1 tsp. instant coffee
1 scoop if chocolate protein powder, such as Champion Nutrition
1 tbs. dark Dutch cocoa powder, such as Hershey's
2-3 pumps sugar-free Hazelnut syrup, such as Torani or Da Vinci

Combine everything in a blender and blend until ice is crushed and shake is thick and frosty. Pour this into your travel mug for a grab and go breakfast.

The next recipe uses only half a scoop of protein powder because of the Greek yogurt, which has 14g of protein.

Vanilla Coffee Smoothie Recipngredients:
5 ice cubes
3 oz. cold espresso
6 oz. non-fat Greek vanilla yogurt, such as Chobani or Fage

½ scoop vanilla protein powder, such as Champion Nutrition
1-2 pumps sugar-free vanilla syrup, such as Torani or Da Vinci

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. Serve with a straw in a tall glass.

Additional Recipeee other recipes in my collection! Simple use the search bar in obesity, located in the top right of this page,  and type in the words "bariatric recipe." My recipes should pop to the top of your results list!

I am sharing my wonderful recipe make-overs with you that have helped me to be successful in maintaining my weight loss from bariatric surgery in 2003. These include delicious protein shakes - some of which taste even better than the delicious fat and sugger ladden Frappucinos at Starbucks,** protein bars** that are far more healthy and affordable than those you buy online/in-store, and awesome** recipe-makeovers of foods you love** but are no longer part of a bariatric life food plan.

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