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Bariatric Surgery Patients Best Tips for Long-term Weight-Losontinued from Part 1. Read Part 1 here.

"I follow Paleo/Primal, too. I eat 1200 calories (I am 180lbs, not thin by any means) per day but on exercise days, I eat as much as 1500 calories.

I'm working in some of the tips for leptin resistance too, such as eating 30+ grams of protein within an hour of waking up. A protein shake before my breakfast (egg and cheese omelet) does that.

I do strength training and work all my muscles to exhaustion 3 times a week and do a lot of walking or leisurely hiking the other 2-3 days a week. No power walking for me. I enjoy the scenery (I live in Colorado, that's what I'm here for) and enjoy the endorphins!

I still drool over donuts and the like: cake, cupcakes, all that stuff. I can have no appetite at all and if I see a donut in the bakery section of the store, I feel this pull like OMGIHAVETOGETTHAT oh wait, I really shouldn't, BUTIHAVETO! No, just keep walking. Remember how tight your pants gets after a donut binge? Yeah. KEEP WALKING. It's a constant thing. But when I'm eating sugar and bread, it's SO much worse than when I am not. It's so much easier to resist when I'm not in the vicious carb cycle."

"Exercise like a monkey.   I run a 5K three times a week and strength train on the days in between. If I exercised less, I'd have to eat less and that would be no fun at all."

"I still follow the pouch rules mostly.   My one slacker is not drinking enough water and I KNOW I need to work on this more.   I drink lots of coffee (read....too much coffee) and I'm working on cutting back here and adding in more water.   I do much better with a hot liquid than cold (although room temp seems to also work).

I always eat protein first and protein forward snacks.   What works for me is eating the RNY diet 90% of the time; I do allow snacks and carbs occasionally as a treat but these I CAN and DO control.

What key factors have kept my weight off?

  1. No drinking with meals or at least 30 minutes after

Protein forward snacks and meals. My meals and snacks are at least 50% of my entire intake for a meal.   If it's not protein then I only eat it after I've finish a reasonable amount of protein.   As we are aware the protein fills us up so if we eat it first there isn't much room available for anything else.

Remaining active in the WLS community (specifically message boards) and researching

Weighing every day AND having a high limit.   When I hit the high limit then it's a strict regimen until I get back down those 5 lbs.

I don't have a specific exercise program I just haven't found the joy in it (wish I could) and don't have much time to do anything specific but I do move a lot......I am full of energy so sitting down and doing nothing is not fun and difficult (even to relax)."

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