Bb Sized Lump In Armpit/breast Area


Asked by girl83

Bb Sized Lump In Armpit/breast Area

I am only 25 and recently noticed a BB sized lump in my Right Armpit/Breast area. Its very easy to feel but not visible by looking at it. It stays in the same area every time I feel for it. It feels kind of hard too but not painful. I don't have anything like it on my left breast. Should I get it checked or am I just over reacting?


Hi - Being concerned about a lump in your breast or armpit, no matter how small, no matter your age, is NEVER over-reacting. Yes, you should get it checked. At your age, breast cancer is very rare; but it's certainly worth having it looked at, to put your mind at ease. So don't be afraid to call and make an appointment, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel