B-Complex Vitamins: How its Positive Effects Control Blood Pressure

Patient Expert

People under emotional stress especially during physical injury are required to take vitamin B-complex to feel more relaxed. Experts often relate the B-complex vitamins as the stress relievers and doctors prescribed them particularly for patients who feel depressed.

To rule out   the deficiency in B-complex, a daily supplement is needed to preclude stress symptoms such as depression and insomnia. When the body is relaxed, the tendency is to have a normal level of   blood pressure. Hence, B-complex vitamins and high blood pressure may as well compensate each other.

Aside from enhancing the functions of the immune and nervous systems, B vitamins have shown a lot of benefits such as; increase and support the metabolism rate, maintain a good muscle and healthy skin, promote the division and cell growth and reduce the occurrence of pancreatic cancer.

There are about eight B-complex vitamins available, which were discovered as substances that performed well on its own. They all originate from the original vitamin B. Although each B complex substance performs a different function, all these substances work harmoniously together to promote good nutrition as well as provide strength for the body.

However, as part of our dietary food, these B complex vitamins are water-soluble; hence, the body does not easily retain them. Instead, they are best taken as daily vitamin supplement to provide our daily dietary requirement.

Below are the 8 B complex vitamins, and their contribution to good nutrition:

1. Thiamin (B1) - Maintains the normal; appetite, stomach acidity, nervous system and release the energy from carbohydrates.

2. Riboflavin (B2) - For healthy skin and eyes, conversion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to energy.

3. Pyridoxal phosphate (B6) - Strong red blood cells, fluid balance and protein metabolism.

4. Cobalamin (B12) - Production of red blood cells and maintenance of the nerves.

5. Niacin (B3) - Lowers high blood pressure due to increased circulation; healthy skin, digestive tract and mouth; normal mental function, and energy release from food.

6. Biotin (B7) - Metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and protein. Needed also for healthy hair and skin.

7. Folic acid (B9) - Reproduction and growth of red blood cells.

8. Panthothenic acid (B5) - Formation of antibodies, normal functions of adrenal glands and release of energy from food.

Contra-indications may include discoloration of the urine to darker yellow due to the elimination of excess riboflavin (vitamin B2).

Based on the individual properties of B vitamins, they indeed have an effect with regards to the blood pressure making B-complex vitamins an essential aupplement to prevent high blood pressure.

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