Be Aware of the "B" in UVB Rays

Health Writer

When it comes to skin cancer - it's the** UVB** rays we need to be aware of.   According to recent research, our bodies are less capable of repairing the damage that UVB rays cause.   When researchers exposed cells to UVA and UVB rays, though both caused damage - the UVB rays were implicated as being far more irreversibly damaging.   The cells damaged by the UVA light were somewhat more easily repaired.   That's why  it has become so important to use sun blocks that clearly state **"UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection."  **

In general, it's no news that the sun damages skin, causing aging and significantly increasing the  risk  of developing  skin cancers.   But for a long time, many sunscreens only protected against UVA exposure.   The scramble to create more effective lotions that contained ingredients that protect against both types of rays has recently come to the forefront of skincare.   And government regulatory commissions are being more vigilant in monitoring sun block ingredients.

Just remember it is never too early (after age 6 months) or too late to begin using a sun block and use caution when it comes to sun exposure.

Do you slather on sun block everyday? Is it clearly protection for both UVA nd UVB rays?? Do you "block" your kids??