Beer Belly Raises Risk of Heart Problems

Is your belly blocking your view of your feet?

You may be at higher risk of mortality, according to research that has found that people with fat concentrated in their mid-section may have a greater likelihood of developing heart disease. The study has been published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Researchers analyzed data of 15,184 men and women ages 18 and up and followed up with them for 14 years. A total of 1,404 deaths occurred in the group due to cardiovascular disease.

The scientists found that men with a normal body mass index (BMI) but with a large belly had an 87 percent higher risk of death, compared to men with a normal waist-to-hip ratio. Women with a large belly had a 48 percent higher risk of death compared to women without large bellies.

The findings further argue against making health decisions based primarily on BMI, and instead suggest giving more focus to a person's body shape.

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Sourced from: New York Times, Beware the Beer Belly