Being Prepared For A Health Crisis: The Importance Of Medical Alert Jewelry, Even For RA

I think often times, people who are chronically ill, who don't have certain types of illnesses, don't think they need to wear medical alert jewelry.

Often times we think of people with diabetes, who are insulin dependent, and those with severe allergies, being the ones who need to wear medical alert jewelry.   But I don't think this is the case at all.

I think anyone that has an illness that could cause them some type of crisis in which they are not able to express themselves, it is important to be prepared for those moments.   Lupus and RA, and many other illnesses, are included in this.

It is also important when you are on multiple medications, that in a health crisis, emergency medical personnel are able to gain access to that information.

Typically my IDs include my name, "Lupus and RA", and "medication card in wallet". Depending on where you store your information, you could also say "emergency contacts in phone" and "medication information in phone".   This makes it very easy and helpful for emergency personnel to get the basic and important information they need to know about you during a health crisis.

I first got a medical bracelet when I started teaching.   While I hoped that my undergraduate students would know to call 9-1-1 if I had some sort of medical emergency, they don't know I'm sick or know me well enough to provide the vital information that may be needed.

Hence the need for some sort of identifiable way to let others know that you have special health concerns that need to be taken seriously.

I also think that when people think of medical alert IDs, they think of the traditional ones - the stainless steel, gold or silver bracelet with the little plaque on it.   They're clunky - and let's be honest - not really all that cute.

But now there is a whole range of medical alert jewelry available, that is both functional and asethically pleasing.

Some great places on the web to find medical alert jewelry are:

Lauren's Hope ( - I have ordered my medical alert bracelets from Lauren's Hope.   They have tons of styles, with varying levels of looking like medical alert jewelry.   I personally prefer the styles that are a bit more obvious, so other people are able to identify it as medical alert jewelry.   They also have great customer service.

N-StyleID ( - I've never ordered from them, but they seem to have bracelets that are multi-functional.

Medical alert jewelry is also great for traveling.   It's just one more way to be prepared for a health crisis event that may be totally unexpected.

As I prepare to move - and live in a new and much larger city - I am taking stock of the IDs I have, and will probably replenish my stash.

While some of this medical jewelry can be somewhat expensive, most is not prohibitively so.   And remember this is just one more investment in your health.   And when you think of it that way, it's totally worth the expense.