Being Social at Work Boosts Health

Strong social relationships with co-workers can improve health and well-being, according to researchers in Australia. They analyzed 58 studies involving more than 19,000 employees, in a wide range of occupations, in 15 countries. Researchers found that a sense of belonging on the job lowers the risk of health problems caused by burnout—feeling exhausted, depressed, and unmotivated at work.

Although this research doesn’t establish a cause-effect relationship, it does show that work environments that foster a sense of community in employees—feelings of “we” and “us”—can have a positive impact on physical and psychological health. According to researchers, mental health benefits may result from feeling supported at work, and also from the sense of meaning and purpose that comes from being part of a social group.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: CBS News, Love your co-workers? It could boost your health