Can I Take Benadryl With Azithromycin


Asked by love2cure

Can I Take Benadryl With Azithromycin

I took 2 benadryl the night before and today I got a prescription for Azithromycin. Will I be overdosing medication?


The [**Drug Interaction Checker**](There are factors to be considered in addition to possible interactions between these medications -- any health issues/conditions you may have, and ALL other medications you are taking including prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, etc. does not show any interactions between Benadryl and azithromycin, so there shouldn't be a problem.

As a general rule, it's a good idea to be sure your doctor knows about any other prescriptions, over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements you've taken before he gives you a prescription. You can also ask your pharmacist about possible drug interactions. Pharmacists are generally more than happy to answer your questions.

You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified healthcare professional.