3 Benefits of Weight Loss on Psoriasis

The correlation between psoriasis and an increased likelihood of obesity and heart disease has been known for a while. This association led researchers to wonder if it worked the other way around as well. Guess what they found? You got it. If you’re overweight, weight loss can significantly improve your psoriasis.

Here are the benefits of shedding extra pounds:

Psoriasis will have nowhere to hide

It is truly difficult to treat psoriasis if it’s hard to find. Psoriasis is often found hiding in the crevices of our bodies, like our armpits, belly buttons, and behind the knees. It can also hide in the worst possible place – under the folds of our skin. Fortunately, if we lose weight we can significantly reduce the dark places psoriasis will hide.

You’ll feel more in control

Psoriasis can make us feel like we are losing control. Flare-ups can come anytime and anywhere with no explanation. Simply put, it is frustrating. How can we take back control of our lives? By eating well and reaching a healthy weight. Taking control of the things we can in our lives will significantly improve our moods and ultimately our psoriasis. Why not be proactive while you’re waiting for the other treatments to take effect?

You’ll stress less

Psoriasis is not only triggered by stress, it is often the main cause of that stress. Our bodies can only handle so much stress before we have a flare-up. Studies have shown that being overweight causes a significant increase in your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. More important, being overweight can often be stressful if you have been trying for a while to reach a healthy weight. Use your psoriasis as motivation to finally melt away the fat as well as the stress.

Gabe Horwitz
Meet Our Writer
Gabe Horwitz

Gabe Horwitz is a freelance health writer who holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Drexel University. He is the founder of PsoriaFIT, a company that works to better people’s lives and their psoriasis by helping them reach their fitness and nutrition goals. He is a marathon runner, aspiring personal trainer and P1 Krav Maga Expert who is passionate about treating Psoriasis by improving your health first. Feel free to reach out if you are looking to improve your life and Psoriasis via Twitter, Instagram, or by following his blog.