Can Bentyl Be Used For Urinary Tract Infections?


Asked by Terri Hensley

Can Bentyl Be Used For Urinary Tract Infections?

I was given bentyl when I had a urinary tract infection as an antispasmodic. The other prescription was for Lasix. What is your opinion about using these two drugs in conjunction with one another for the treatment of a urinary tract infection in a woman who is 63 and is on no medications? Thank you. e-mail is:


I'm sure it would help you be more comfortable (I've used it for this purpose) but it will do nothing to help the UTI. Neither will the Lasix, except you will probably void more often while on it. If you do suspsect a UTI, need to check with your doctor. Like the other person that responded to you, I also take Macrobid, but (and this is very important) I have had bacteria resistant to Macrobid. Always best for the doctor to culture and see what grows out.

Answered by Pete