The Best Apps For Tracking Your Eczema Flare-Ups

by Ashley Wall Patient Advocate

We’re officially living in the digital world. If you’re not using a mobile app to track your eczema flare-ups, it’s time to give it a whirl. We’ve increased our dependency on cell phones as a society. We’re banking, blogging, working, checking weather reports, watching entertainment, and more — all from our phones. So, if you have eczema, why not track this crucial element of your everyday life?


You’ll love this app if: You’re a notetaker!

Description: This is one of my favorite apps to organize my life — eczema included. Evernote does it all, whether you’re tracking flare-ups or medications, writing a blog, organizing bills, comparing doctors, or importing internet articles. The best feature is the ability to tag information using keywords. Evernote isn’t exclusive to your mobile device; you can login through your laptop/desktop. If you want a digital notebook, this is the app for you.

Eczema Tracker

You’ll love this app if: You want a fast, user-friendly eczema app.

Description: A mom created this app after dealing with her son’s severe eczema. Eczema Tracker helps track your triggers, and uses analysis points and methods to help figure out what’s causing your flare-ups. I love that it includes aeroallergens such as the weather, pollen count, and mold. The app provides a flare-up graph so you can see your progress. This app’s clean layout will make you wish you discovered it sooner.

My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain & Symptom Tracker

You’ll love this app if: Eczema isn’t your only chronic condition.

Description: Eczema often coincides with other conditions, such as asthma or severe food allergies. My Pain Diary is the perfect app for managing multiple chronic conditions. Add a new entry and enter your pain level, triggers, remedies, pain location, and symptoms. You can also track the duration of your symptoms. If your flare-up lasts a week, you can mark it on the app and print out a PDF report to bring to your doctor.

iControl Eczema

You’ll love this app if: Your child has eczema.

Description: The iControl Eczema app is a great way for kids to feel involved and included. Being shuffled from one appointment to the next is daunting for kids, and all they may know is that their skin hurts. This app is filled with helpful tools and bright colors to help kids engage with their care. Kids can set reminders to moisturize, check the schedule for doctor visits, and monitor and understand their chronic skin condition better.

Eczema Symptoms + Treatment

You’ll love this app if: You want to know the latest on eczema.

Description: We all know that eczema is a tricky condition that can range from mild to severe. The Eczema Symptoms + Treatments app helps you tell the difference. Once you identify the type of eczema you have, you’ll be able to take the best approach for your skin. This app provides tons of information on the latest treatments, home remedies, and more to help guide you toward a better lifestyle with eczema.

Ashley Wall
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Ashley Wall is a freelance writer who started her blog Itchin' Since ’87 as a creative outlet. As a longtime eczema sufferer, she considers herself the ‘eczema aficionado’. She’s a huge advocate for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Her life’s mission is to help find a cure for eczema. With her experience, she also hopes to give insightful advice on living with eczema through her writing and work.