Best Bed For Fibromyalgia?


Asked by Bekah

Best Bed For Fibromyalgia?

Having Fibromyalgia since 2006 has definitely proved finding a good bed to be a real chore. I've changed mattresses twice since 2006 as my pain and comfort levels change. I'm wondering if anyone have tried the sleep number bed or a tempur pedic? If so, which do you prefer and why?


I have a sleep number bed and have had it for about 12 years now. I bought it with the extra layers of foam and pillow topper (not the cheapest model, but not the most expensive either). I swear by it. I bought it specifically because I needed better sleep and pain relief and at the time the tube waterbed set I had (recommended to me by a doctor) was getting to be too much to handle.

I can lay down in the bed for just a half hour or hour and feel so incredibly refreshed. I also have RA and I don't know what I'd do without the adjustability of the bed - that's one thing to thing about with the sleep number over the tempur pedic - do you think you'll need varying levels of support at different times? If so, the sleep number is your answer. If not, then find the right density for the tempur pedic and try it (it comes in soft, med and firm). I've heard good things about them but I'm happy with my sleep number.

Also, if you sleep with someone else, the sleep number can be the best option. I sleep with my bed at aout a 35/40, my husband needs a hard bed (80).... so the sleep number allows us to sleep in the same bed and be comfortable which is hard to find in beds with one kind of firmness. Give the 30 day trials a chance - you'll know in the first couple of days that you've found heaven.

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