Best Shoes To Wear After Knee Replacement Surgery?


Asked by Peggy

Best Shoes To Wear After Knee Replacement Surgery?

I had a full knee replacement, and I still have some lingering problems with having sensation in my knee and leg. I am very concerned about wearing the correct shoes so that I don't cause any further problems for the new knee or hurt my good knee. I also want to pick shoes that will be good for my feet, since I've had surgery on both and have swelling in both. Any suggestions would be welcome.


When looking for shoes for those hard to fit feet, I always recommend FootSmart as an online store and resource. They offer many very supportive shoes and sandals that can accomodate wide feet and numb feet (that need more room i.e. a diabetic foot).  They do a good job of suggesting shoes for specific types of foot problems so that you can find the best shoe for your particular conditions. Generally you want something that has very good traction (no slick rubber soles and no heels) so that you can easily maintain your balance on even uneven or slick surfaces.

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Answered by Christina Lasich, MD