Beware: Top Summer Health Concerns

Ah, the warm, sunny days of summer…what's not to love? Especially for bacteria and other pathogens that thrive in hot, humid conditions and would just love to make an appearance at your next barbeque or picnic. Foodborne illnesses, breathing problems caused by allergens and mold, and skin infections following a day of too much fun in sun are common in the summer.

Bacteria in lakes, ponds, coastal waters, and even your backyard pool can make you sick, so it's important never to swallow water you're swimming in. It's also a good idea—for the health of your fellow swimmers—to stay out of the water if you’ve been sick, especially if you’ve had diarrhea.

Other places that bacteria flourish in the summer include undercooked meats and foods that haven’t been prepared, stored, or served properly; soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines that haven't been cleaned well; and air conditioner filters that need to be replaced. The good news: A healthy immune system usually can handle the germs that come our way in the summer.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: CNN, Hot mess: The grossest health concerns of summer