My Bf Broke Up With Me Because Of His Life Issues And He Is Soo Stressed Out And I Think He Is Depressed.


Asked by smilingqueen89

My Bf Broke Up With Me Because Of His Life Issues And He Is Soo Stressed Out And I Think He Is Depressed.

he got angry once when were together and he punched his car door infront of me. and he took a pill and he calmed down and said sorry to me. hes acting strange he deleted his facebook too he said he dont want others to see what he is doing. and when i see him and look at him he's always teary eyed and when i asked him whats wrong he's telling me he dont know. and he dont know what he wants. His close relative , his grandpa has stage 4 cancer and he is so hurt by that. and his life issues including his job is stressing him out. He's an only child and he has a big responsibility. his mom has no job and is sick and his dads job contract will end soon so he is soo stressed out but he told me he loves me but maybe i think he cant handle a relationship right now? and he told me he wants to be alone. he told me hes the type of person that doesnt ask for help cos he wants to be independent im so lost right now and i dont know how to deal with him and i want him back


Hi there

Please know that you are not alone in this. I can't tell you how many young girls have written about this very thing...of a boyfriend who is pushing away because he is feeling depressed.

I am wondering about the incident of punching his car door. Was that anger directed at you or...something else? That would frighten me as it may be a warning sign that he may be physically violent. But I don't know your boyfriend except for what you are telling us here.

I have written an article you may want to read, When Love is Not Enough, about such relationship problems.

It sounds like your boyfriend needs to get himself together and he may be right that he is not ready for a relationship at this point. I would give him plenty of space and you can let him know you are there for him but you can't make him get back together with you. He has to make that choice himself. In the meantime...this is an opportunity for you to explore other things in your life...such as friendships and family.

Although this is have to let him be and...allow him the chance to get better.

Let us know how things go for you. I wish you the best of luck.

Answered by Merely Me