Big Bottles Can Lead to Big Babies: Study

According to a paper published in the journal Pediatrics, using a large bottle to feed a baby starting at 2 months old brings on a more rapid increase in weight gain -- compared to those babies fed on smaller bottles -- by the time the infants were 6 months old. (Studies have shown that rapid weight gain in infants is a predictor of later obesity.)

Dr. Charles T. Wood, a research fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and one of the authors of the study, stressed the importance of paying attention to cues provided by bottle-fed babies themselves -- batting the bottle away, for example, may mean that the child is full.  The lesson? "Don’t force them to finish their bottles," said Dr. Perrin, quoted in the New York Times.

Sourced from: The New York Times, The Bigger the Bottle, the Fatter the Baby