Binge drinking tied to insomnia in older adults

Drinking four or more drinks more than twice a week could be disrupting your sleep, particularly if you’re over 55, according to new research from Johns Hopkins University.  Binge drinking – consuming four or more drinks – is linked to an 84 percent increased likelihood of suffering from insomnia symptoms, the study found.  Where 26.2 percent of study participants had two or fewer nights a week of hard drinking, 3.1 percent had more than two such days a week.  After adjusting for health and demographic variables, the researchers found that those who drank more were significantly more likely to suffer from insomnia.

This study observed 4,970 community-dwelling adults over the age of 55 who admitted to having consumed alcohol in their lives.  Participants reported the number of days on which they had had four or more drinks on one occasion in the prior three months, and were also asked about the number of days per week people had difficulty falling asleep, trouble staying awake, waking too early or feeling unrested in the morning.  Those who drank more were correlated to the people who had insomnia symptoms "most of the time."

It has long been said that heavy drinking disrupts your sleep cycle, despite the sleepiness you may feel from a few drinks before bed.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Frequent Binge Drinking Is Associated With Insomnia Symptoms in Older Adults