I "Black out" when I'm Stressed or Anxious. Why?


Asked by Happy0ne

I "Black Out" During Times Of Stress Or Anxiety.i Function But Forget Periods Of Time.

Is stress of anxiety the cause of these "black outs"?



Thanks for your question. I notice you express "black out" in a way that suggests you don't actually lose consciousness - is this accurate? Clearly if you are losing consciousness you need a neurological assessment from your doctor.

Assuming however you are describing a sense or a symptom of high anxiety then this is a bit different. You don't mention whether you are taking medication for anxiety. Memory loss is a side effect of a group of medicines known as benzodiazepines. Suppression of memory during moments of high tension, stress or anxiety is not unknown and it's just possible that you have developed a coping mechanism to help you get through the worst moments. Memory is a strange thing in that we tend to recall things quite well - the problem comes when we attempt to retrive them.

I'm not sure from your question how extensive or frequent a problem this is. If you feel it isn't interfering with your life (and you've ruled out the meds and black-outs previously mentioned) then it may be something to live with. The more things like this start to worry us, the greater the chance they develop into something bigger.

As a psychologist it would be an oversight if I didn't mention psychological therapies. If you haven't considered this it may be worth doing so.

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