Blackhead Now Lump On Breast


Asked by G1i2r3l4

Blackhead Now Lump On Breast

I am 14. Underneath my nipple there was a blackhead and i squeezed it every so often and the normal white stuff came out BUT THEN it changed and when i squezed it pus kept coming out and it basically exploded.. Now this small like crator is left but i can fell a little lump under it.. I am quite worried, what could it be?


It sounds like you have a boil or abscess, which is like a very big pimple. Sometimes they need to be treated by a doctor with an antibiotic. The lump you are feeling underneath is probably a pocket of more infected matter. Show this to your mother or the school nurse to see if you need a doctor to look at this. Don't do any more squeezing. Some antibiotic ointment and a Bandaid can keep it clean for now. If you start running a fever, that could mean the infection has spread and an antibiotic is needed. Most of the time this type of infection can be treated at home, but you need an adult to help you make that call.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson