Is Bleeding After The 4th Time Having Sex Normal!?


Asked by MissMolly951

Is Bleeding After The 4th Time Having Sex Normal!?

So i just had sex for the 4th time ever in my life with my boyfriend on saturday. i bled the first 3 times but all pretty light. then this time i bled a lot more. i figured it was because it was much more rough and he went in all the way (he is pretty big) and it probably fully broke my hymen. but i have the same feelings as being on my period: some cramps, blood and small blood clumps, that soft stool. My period isnt until next week. After the first couple 3 times i had sex i had some really light cramps and the soft stool and light bleeding, but this time its up a level. is this normal? i have been bleeding for 2 days now.


Hi there

It would be impossible for us to accurately tell you what this bleeding is about. Are you using protection or any sort of birth control? Is there any chance that your period has come early? Have you been to see a gynecologist yet?

If you have not seen a doctor or a gynecologist yet to be checked this is definitely a good time to start. The bleeding could be caused by a number of reasons but if it is increasing like this..there is some concern.

Please schedule an appointment with your doctor. Be safe.

Answered by Merely Me