Bleeding A Week And Half After My Period...


Asked by gg1234

Bleeding A Week And Half After My Period...

Ok so I had my normal period a week and a half ago.Now im bleeding but not alot just only after i pee.Im nervous to what it might be...there is no pain of anykind the only thing i really noticed is my brest feel tender.So some other things i noticed is that a month ago i got my period early by about a week.Then this past month i had my period what it seemed to be around the same time as last month.It doesnt seem like a period right now i just notice blood after i pee and there is no burning.

But just the other day me and my bf had sex without a condom...really stupid i know but it happened he dint cum inside of me.So now i dont know what to expect.Im a nervous as to what it might be could i be pregnant?I know you cant tell if your pregnent that quick does anyone have any idea what it might be?


Hi there

I know you must be so anxious about all this. Bleeding in between periods is usually a warning sign that something is not could be infection perhaps. The thing is...nobody here is a doctor and even if we were...we could diagnose you. You really should be seen by a doctor.

If you are sexually need to be going to a gynecologist. You don't want to risk pregnancy, STD's...and so on.

Any time ejaculate comes into contact with your vagina...there is a risk for pregnancy. The scenario you probably is not likely for you to become pregnant but I don't know all the details. You could take a home pregnancy test if you miss your period.

If there is any way possible please do see some sort of doctor...even your general practitioner.

Good luck to you!