Blood Clot In Left Breast.


Asked by Mary Michelle

Blood Clot In Left Breast.

I was diagnosed with blood clot in my left breast. I had two cancer surgeries Dec 07 and Feb 08.. July 09, my left breast got swollen and hard lumps all around and sharp pains. I went in for ultrasound and was diagnosed with a blood clot. The doctor said I can have it drain out and I'll loose my breast or just let it go and it would heal itself. I'm just not sure if thats the answer I should hear and I fear worst. Should I have it remove? Will the blood clot get worst if I just let it go. I'm a single mom of three and the two options were giving to me and I'm just confused. I would like to get it drain out but at the same time get a reconstruction done? Help... Mary


Sorry, Mary - from your description, I'm confused, too. I'd suggest that you ask to meet with the doctor again, and ask for a complete description of each option: what's the exact surgery; what's the predicted result. If you need help understanding what the doctor is saying (medical language can be very confusing!), please ask the social services department at the hospital if they'd send someone with you to the appointment; this is often a VERY helpful step, as a second set of sympathetic ears can interpret things that aren't understandable to us laypeople. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel