Blood Discharge With Raw Liver Like Texture


Asked by Ericka

Blood Discharge With Raw Liver Like Texture

I had a 1 or two periods when I was 18 or so where some clots appeared.

Now Im 48 and my last two month I have seem medium to very large blood disgharges of a raw liver like texture. This is scary, can someone help me understand why this is happening?


Hi Ericka

Yes I can imagine that this would seem frightening to see blood clots and not know what is the cause.

My first advice is to call your doctor or gynecologist and see what they say. Know that I am not a doctor and all I can do is to research your question.

I am wondering if anything has been mentioned about perimenopause to you? Sometimes in that stage before menopause hormones can greatly fluctuate causing heavier than normal periods.

I have dealt with uterine fibroids myself, which can be another cause of heavy bleeding or clotting.

I did find a similar question posted on a women's health site where the doctor there had this to say:

"If the blood loss is very slow, the blood that appears is often dark and scanty with few obvious clots. If there is a sudden significant blood loss, then either frank blood appears in liquid form, or blood collects in pockets before it appears and then comes out as a clot of blood. These can look like black or dark jelly-like clots, that are shiny, or more granular brownish clots that can look like bits of liver or tissue. These have a lot of fibrin (a substance that aids in blood clotting) in them."

Again I would highly recommend that you discuss this with your doctor so that you can get some peace of mind. Nothing we say here is going to let you know for sure what is going on with you.

Thank you for your question.

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