Blood And High White Cell Count In Urine


Asked by Worried Fiancé

Blood And High White Cell Count In Urine

My finance recently went to the doctor because he had blood in his urine. He also has a high white cell count in his urine, but no discomfort. He is schedule for an ultrasound, but should we be really worried about cancer as the cause of this?


It is not normal to have red and white cells in the urine. It can be a sign of many different conditions. Without symptoms it is not likely for this to be a urinary tract infection. Cancer is not likely to be associated with white cells, but certain urologic cancers may be associated with cancer. The possibility of a prostate infection is certainly a possibility, however there are other conditions that could be contributing to this. A normal ultrasound and a thorough evaluation with a urologist will give you peace of mind.

Answered by Jay Motola, M.D.