If a Blood Pressure cuff Causes Extreme Pain is the Reading Accurate?


Asked by nrfloyd

If A Blood Pressure Cuff Causes Extreme Pain, Is The Blood Pressure Reading Accurate?

I have noticed recently that when my physician takes my blood pressure, the cuff tightens until my arm hurts almost unbearably. I also experience the same pain when I use my home cuff. This seems to be a recent happening and my blood pressure measurement is extremely higher than it has been in the past. So much so that my doc keeps increasing my medication. I dread having to take the measurement because of the pain.


Hi Nrfloyd,

The stress you are feeling due to the expected pain when getting your blood pressure taken can be affecting your blood pressure levels. I recommend you discuss the pain and your concerns with your physician, so you can determine your options.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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