Blood Pressure Drug Good for the Bones

Medically Reviewed

Here’s a silver lining for people who take thiazide-type diuretic drugs to help lower high blood pressure: A large study in JAMA Internal Medicine says the drug might strengthen your bones, too.

Researchers found that study participants—all ages 55 and older—who took the thiazide chlorthalidone had a 21 percent decreased risk of suffering a pelvic or hip fracture than those who took an ACE inhibitor or a calcium channel blocker to lower blood pressure. The beneficial results lasted through five years of follow-up.

If you’re currently taking an antihypertensive that’s not a thiazide, the findings should not cause you to switch to a thiazide for dual benefits. Instead, talk with your doctor, who might have a good reason for you to stick with the antihypertensive you’re already taking.

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