Blood Pressure Goes Up While Asleep


Asked by Giftland

Blood Pressure Goes Up While Asleep

I an taking clonidine and atenolol three times a day for an average bp reading of 140/85, but at night during sleep bp rises to aroung 200/99 before I wake up. What can I do to stop this rise.


Hi Giftland,

It's best to evaluate what is going on with your MD. However, let me give you one possibility to explore.

Sleep apnea - A higher blood pressure in the morning versus blood pressure readings at other times of the day is an indicator for sleep apnea. You can read more about high blood pressure and sleep apnea here (it's page 2 of an article - scroll to bottom for sleep apnea info).

A blood pressure reading of 200/99 is cause for concern. Don't wait to address this issue. Discuss with your MD and find the root of the problem.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson, RD

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