Blood Pressure Has Now Gone Up To 320/180. 56 Year Old Male


Asked by Sarge

Blood Pressure Has Now Gone Up To 320/180. 56 Year Old Male

Since Monday my blood pressure has now gone up to 320/180. Told this week that I have an infection in my blood stream. However, I have been told that excessive amounts of pain can and will contribute to increased blood pressure, is this correct? As well as high blood pressure, high glucose levels, I have Adhesive Arachnoiditis which is now absolute agony, which is a degenerative spinal problem (caused by TWO Myodil injections in the 1980's. I have severe arthritis in several joints, diagnosed type 2 diabetes. I actually eat a pretty good diet on the whole, so I don't think this is food related? I don't sleep much at all, lucky if I have two hours in one go, I don't have much confidence in my GP anymore. Could you offer any advice since I'm now getting very concerned and depressed?


A blood pressure of 320/180 is dangerously high. High enough to warrant emergency treatment. I recommend you seek care if levels are still this high.

Yes, pain can cause a temporary rise in blood pressure, but over time the effect diminishes. Long term pain would not be the root of your blood pressure problems.

I encourage you to do all you can to get more sleep. Adequate sleep is essential for your health.

I also recommend you consider seeking a second opinion in regards how to appropriate manage your conditions and symptoms, especially if you are beginning to question the care you currenlty receive from your GP.

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Lisa Nelson RD
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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN