My Blood Pressure Keeps Bottoming Out. Any Ideas?


Asked by Meme

My Blood Pressure Keeps Bottoming Out. Any Ideas?

I have been having these episodes since January. They are sporadic, never know when they will appear. There is never the same time of day nor am I doing the same thing when they happen. My pressure goes as low as 48/30. I will usually just Pass out and go to sleep(a very scary feeling). The episodes will last about two to three hours with the pressure slowly going back up. I feel really lethargic the rest of the day. I wear a c-pap at night and I think that is why I have never had one during the night. I am wearing a heart monitor for a month, but cardiologist is not sure if the heart is the cause of the episodes. Any ideas or answers?


Hi Meme,

Wow. This does not sound like it's any fun at all. I don't have any answers for you but do hope that you and your doctors discover something through the testing. I'm sure that you'd like to be back to feeling better soon. Good luck.

Answered by Lisa Emrich