Blood Pressure Meds Not Working At All


Asked by Chris Caswell

Blood Pressure Meds Not Working At All

Hi , I`m a 30 year old male and have had high blood pressure for 4-5 years that i know of when im at home an relaxed run about 140/95 roughly with a heart rate of 100

my problem is when i go to the doctors to get my pressure tested its allways high for example ill go monday its 164/112 without medications then i started taking the meds and i get my 140/95 resting pressure , i go back the following friday and its 150/120 i get home and its back down again im also having chest pains in my left pectorial muscle area and some times in the left arm ,breast bone,neck,stomach and other places normally confned to the torso/rib cage area. I know go to the emergency room , and i have every single time atleast 5 times in the last 6 months , they run EKG chest X-ray and then tell me im fine and send me home , i had a stress test 8 months ago it came back fine , in the last 3 months ive had atleast 8 EKG tests preformed and they are all fine , i dont understand whats going on and im a bit scared ive noticed heart beats skipping from time to time and its got me really worried i think i may have anxiety brought on from the sharp aches in my chest although they only last a couple minutes then vanish then return later again , could somone please tell me what i need to do ive seen my doctor 4 times now and atleast 6 trips to ER to get told i have Chest wall cramps and High blood pressure , they pump me with blood pressure meds,muscle relaxers , painkillers it does stop the pain intill im off them again and i would like to know forsure if this is the case and how to stop it .. its destroying my quality of life the stress i feel is going to kill me and i cant not think about it when it hurts like it does , if anyone has had simular please help me


Hi Chris,

I'm not able to shed much light on your situation, but did want to share this information.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN