Blood Pressure Peak Of 250/100


Asked by Ana Leon

Blood Pressure Peak Of 250/100

My dad is a 67 year old male with high blood pressure approx 150/80 daily. About 2 to 3 times a week between 7 and 9pm his BP rises between 200 and 250 for about ten to fifteen. We do not know what is causing it, he is not under any stress or strenuous activity when it happens. Most of the time he is sitting down watching tv or walking in the apartment. He is on 4 different pills Metoprolol 50mg twice a day, amlodipine 5mg, simvastatin 10mg, and hydrochlorothiazid 12.5mg twice a day. What is the cause of these peaks, should we see a cardiologist? Thank you


Hi Ana Leon:

There are so many things that come to mind when talking about high blood pressure-Is your Dad diabetic? If so, how are his blood sugars? Does he drink caffeinated drinks? Is he on any new medications? Has he had lab recently showing his kidneys are okay? Does he have any other symptoms-such as headache, dizziness, nosebleeds, etc... Have you double checked your blood pressure machine to make sure it is taking accurate readings?

I recommend you visiting with his physician, he will be able to thoroughly assess your father. A spike in blood pressure of 200-250/100 is something to be taken SERIOUSLY. According to the American Heart Association, hypertensive crisis (emergency care needed) is systolic greater than 180 OR diastolic greater than 110. I am uncertain why it only spikes for a few minutes but most definately I recommend having him assessed because these spikes could turn into something very serious.

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