My Blood Pressure Is 150/90 Pulse Is 96 Is That O.k


Asked by Renato

My Blood Pressure Is 150/90 Pulse Is 96 Is That O.k

My last medical examination last 2 mos. ago my blood pressure 150/90 pulse 86 BMI-26 overweight, my cardiologist told me that she need to test my uric acid, cholesterol level , ECG the result of those examination are normal and she advice me to undergone a diet a couple of weeks i ate only vegetable, fruits and fish without any oil and alcohol and after that she make another examination but my blood pressure still the same 155/94 pulse of 81 and she told me i need to take a maintenace drug it was (LOSARTAN POTASSIUM 50mg Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker/Antihypertensive) and advised me a proper diet , so far for almost 2 mos. taking my medicine i felt normal same before . however my family have history of high blood presssure my mother died of hearth attack 20 years ago when she was only 53 years old and two of my brothers also diagnose of high blood pressure my questions are if i stop taking my maintenance drug theres a big treat to my health and can you gave me some good advice how to deal high blood pressure.


Hi Renato,

I recommend you consider following the DASH diet to manage your blood pressure. It's been shown to lower blood pressure levels in as little as 2 weeks. You can learn more about it here -

Also, you can find useful information on diet and lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure here -

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Lisa Nelson RD

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN