Blood In Semen After Prostate Biopsy


Asked by Gordon

Blood In Semen After Prostate Biopsy

I have had a recent prostate biopsy whereby 12 tissue samples were taken about 1 week ago. Now I have a dark red semen discharge. Is this a serious problem and will it go away by itself?

The biopsy ididcates a very small cancer cell.


Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your question. You can check out this article - What to Expect after a Prostate Biopsy.

To answer your question, "After the procedure is performed, most patients will experience minimal discomfort. Patients usually experience blood in their semen for several weeks (hematospermia) and have a small amount of blood on their stool or from their rectum for several days."

It sounds like this is pretty common - just let your doctor know if it persists beyond a few weeks.

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