Blood In Semen For A Year. At My Wits End. Is There A Cure?


Asked by Tom

Blood In Semen For A Year. At My Wits End. Is There A Cure?

I am 63 years old and have blood in my semen when I ejaculate all the time. I do have back pain but I have been told it was arithritis. My Uroligist has treated me with antibodics, had a PSA test, a rectal exam and now my doctor is giving me testoserone shots for 3 months all to no avail. Some weeks my semen looks like rust and sometimes it is very bloody and it looks like blot clots when I ejaculate. Could this condition be caused by diet or maybe stress? Is there any help for me? I am so embarassed that it is impacting me acheiving an erection so I have to rely on a pill. ANy help would be appreciated.


Hi Tom,

Everything I have ever read says that blood in the semen is not a serious issue.

There are a couple shareposts and articles here that might give you information to use when speaking to your doctor. No one knows your care better than you and your doctor, but these resources will help you ask all the right questions!

This posting by the Harvard Health Publications gives several reasons for having blood or a bloody tinge in your semen. From what I have read, it is not considered critical unless there are circumstances other than just the blood. You can read the Harvard article here.

Dr Jay Motola also had a share post that was very informative. You can read that post here. Again, Dr Motola reiterates that, " Although bothersome to the patient, it tends to not be of any great significance, especially when it is not associated with any coexisting symptoms. "

There have also been users here who experienced similar issues. There were some comments with more information that you might be interested in.

By all means if you are having pain of any kind, or if you are worried, see your doctor. Better safe!!

Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M