Are Blueberries or Foods with Citric Acid OK on the GERD diet?


Asked by Irene

Are Blueberries Bad On The Gerd Diet? What About Processed Foods Containing Citric Acid?


Jennifer Rackley is a nutritionist whose children have GERD. She has written a lot on the GERD diet. The problem is though that while many foods are known to trigger reflux in many adults those same foods might not cause a problem for others. The absolute best way to determine this for yourself is to keep a food log. A food/symptom log can be tedious but can really help you see trends. For example, I know that I have troubles with coffee even when it's decaf, bananas that are less ripe (the way I prefer them), and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Oddly enough though the cookie dough isn't an issue until I cook it. Granted it may be a quantity issue :) Then there are things that are definitley on the bad list that give me issues such as tomato sauce, pineapple, citrus, etc.

Best of luck - Stephanie

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