Blueberry Extract Could Fight Gum Disease

Using a wild blueberry extract as their base, a research team from Université Laval in Canada is working on a new treatment for gum disease.

The treatment works to prevent bacterial plaque buildup that, if not removed by general brushing, can develop into a more harmful and stubborn plaque called tartar that causes infection.

The research team worked with blueberry polyphenols, extracted from the wild lowbush blueberry. The polyphenols are known to protect plants from disease, and researchers say it may also have an effect on the key bacterium in gum disease.

So far, lab tests have shown that the extract has worked to stop the bacterium from forming biofilms - the precursor to plaques.

After publishing their results in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the team is now working to develop a treatment dental device that slowly releases the blueberry extract after a cleaning.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Gum disease treatment using blueberry extract in development