Boarding Schools for Weight Loss

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Before there were public schools, there were boarding schools. The first
academy opened in 1763, about 100 years before the public school movement was even on the American agenda.

Because students often traveled from a good distance away, many of the
attendees lived with faculty masters or boarded with townspeople.
Since then, boarding schools have transitioned into highly structured, residential private schools where students live in dormitories or
resident halls that are supervised by school staff. Meals are shared in
a community dining hall.

Since their conception, boarding schools have adopted a variety of faces
and now include college preparatory boarding schools, all boys or
all girls boarding schools, military schools, pre-professional art
schools, religious boarding schools, junior boarding schools, and
therapeutic boarding schools.

We now can add to the mix boarding schools that specialize in weight

Wellspring Academy
The Wellspring Structure House is a residential weight loss facility
located in Durham, North Carolina. The Structure House program is an
integrated approach for weight loss that uses the principles of

nutrition, exercise, and psychology to help clients lose weight and
maintain weight loss.

Twenty-one percent of the Structure House clients have lost 20 percent of their body weight and have kept the weight off. A typical day
includes three healthy meals, one to one therapy, exploring strategies
for weight control, and exercise and personal training.

Wellspring Camps
Wellspring has a number of campuses located across the United States and
offers summer programs that extend from three to nine weeks in length.
Pricing differs for each location and range from about $5,900 for three
weeks to about $11,750 for nine weeks.

Wellspring acknowledges that many families are cost conscious and offer
options to make pricing more affordable. They also point out that
lifetime out-of-pocket expenses to address obesity and the accompanying
problems is about $550,000.

The Mindstream Academy
Yet another boarding school for weight loss is the Mindstream Academy.
Mindstream is staffed by credentialed professionals who help clients
improve their health, fitness and nutrition by using a [multifaceted

social, emotional, and environmental approach](

The fitness program consists of periods for walking, running, and
stretching. Prior to lunch, clients will partake in bodyweight exercises
such as kickboxing and Zumba. Athletic fields for soccer, volleyball,
basketball, or kickball are used at midday.

Students will learn to grow their own food from planting to harvest and
will diet within the guidelines of the FLOW program. The Fresh, Local,
Organic, Whole food style and nutrition program is based on the premise
of simple, healthy eating and teaches students how to select and prepare
their own food.

Licensed professional counselors teach students how to improve
self-esteem and deal with peer pressures by changing their cognitive
thought processes. Clients learn to identify behaviors and triggers.
Equine-assisted therapy also is incorporated into the counseling agenda.
Mindstream has individualized academic programs to keep students on pace with their school curriculum.

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