Body Shut Down


Asked by Patti

Body Shut Down

A year ago, my 67 year old husband was diagnosed with degenerative dementia, now appears to be in the beginning of stage 7. How long before his body shuts down completely?


That is different with everyone, but it's not usually long. His organs have "forgotten" how to function. Hospice is great at this time, if you haven't tried them yet. They will keep him comfortable. Comfort is what you will want for him now. Comfort and your presence.

Even though you knew this would happen you will feel grief. However, you will likely have very mixed emotions, as he (and you) have been through so much. Again, hospice can help you thorough this confusing period. If you don't use hospice, please make good use of anyone who understands and will not judge your feelings.



Answered by Carol Bradley Bursack