Is My Body Trying To Reject Tissue Expander??


Asked by AngieB

Is My Body Trying To Reject Tissue Expander??

I had a breast tissue expander put it 8 weeks ago...when will it feel like "part of me" instead of like a "foreign body" ?? i had 400ml saline injected into it during surgery, but no fills yet because i got cellulitis in my wound and ended up having a debridement of the scar tissue which wouldnt heal....however..i feel so tight and hard ...and just before i got cellulitis i had a "pain" just underneath my shoulder blade...which i presumed would just be post op pains from bruising to my chest muscles during my reconstruction surgery...will things get any better...?? My surgeon tried to remove some fluid from my expander to take pressure off, and reduce swelling from the cellulitis infection, but unfortunately the port has twisted itself the opposite way round, and i have to have a procedure to turn it the right way round, but i want to wait until my debridement scar has completely healed first!.. Is my body trying to reject the expander? this why it feels so hard, and like a foreign body??? any help would be appreciated ...


I don't think your body is trying to reject it at all. These things just happen to some of us... the cellulitis, etc. I had problems with mine because of dying tissue, which lead to failures on each side. I wish I had some better news for you, but the expander will never feel like part of you. It's not designed to. It will always feel firm, or hard. When I had mine I felt like I had rocks for expanders. And the more fills I got the more pain I got as it put pressure on my rib and on my should blade. The good news is that as soon as they are swapped out for the implants it will feel so much better. Implants are so much softer, and light feeling that sometimes I forget that I actually have something there now. Just hang in there, cause once you actually get things on track it will go quickly.

Good luck!