I Popped a boil near my Vagina. It's still Oozing Blood. What's next?


Asked by Alli03

I Have A Boil On My Vagina. I Popped It But It's Still Oozing Blood? What Next?

I am 23 and married. I only have sex with my husband. I just started to get a boil on my vagina a few weeks ago. I shave and I have read online that can cause a boil. It was very painful and eventually came to the surface so I popped it. Now it won't stop oozing blood. What to do?


This is why your mother was supposed to tell you to never pop.....

That was just a bit of humor - Seriously - you can try to apply warm compresses but I would probably get checked out by an OB/GYN since you may have prematurely opened the area when it wasn't yet quite ripe or ready - or it may be a situation where left alone it would have resolved on its own - since its a moist area it may not stop bleeding so easily and an open wound is also ripe for infection.

Get it checked.

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