I Get Boils On My Breast. Should I Worry About Breast Cancer?


Asked by rakhi

I Get Boils On My Breast. Should I Worry About Breast Cancer?

These boils are bloody and painful, and I get them often, on both breasts. This makes me uneasy, as my mom's aunts and now her two sisters are suffering from breast cancer. Do breast boils put me at risk of cancer?


Boils aren't a sign of breast cancer, nor do they increase breast cancer risk. And while it seems there's quite a bit of breast cancer in your family, your own personal breast cancer risk isn't actually higher at this point; only if your mom or a sister is diagnosed with cancer would your own risk go up appreciably. So, while it's always good to be aware of changes in your breasts, you really don't need to worry about any relationship between boils and cancer.

At the same time, I'd find out what can be done about preventing and/or successfully treating those painful boils. For more on that, please read our post, Breast Boils: What They Are, How to Treat Them. Understand that these boils have nothing to do with weight, hygiene, or anything else that's under your control; they're the result of an underlying condition. If you haven't already, you should definitely see a doctor. He or she can recommend a dermatologist or other specialist who can prescribe some treatment. Good luck.

Answered by PJ Hamel