Boils Common For Yeast Infections? Or Is It Herpes?


Asked by Cassandra

Boils Common For Yeast Infections? Or Is It Herpes?

About a couple of months ago I had itching down there, for which I didn't really do anything, and it disappeared once I got my period. Then almost a month later the itching started again, this time really bad, and I thought it would just go away like the previous time. I thought it was an yeast infection because I had a white discharge that sort of smelled like yeast (to me at least). I then took a short trip, after which the situation become so bad I could hardly pee or even sit.

At this time I went to the gynecologist, where I realized I had a lot of boils, some of which had burst and were causing the discomfort. I was put on some antibiotics and given a Gel (Ornidazole) to apply. The gyno said I had a slight UTI and also thought I may have herpes. The last time I had had intercourse (protected) was a couple of weeks before the itching first began and never since then. Now again, since yesterday (almost two months after my last bad episode) I have been having a burning sensation while peeing, so I checked and saw that I had a couple of boils again. What do you suggest? Does it seem like herpes? Does it happen for yeast infections as well, or is it something else altogether?



I am not a doctor and can't diagnose you, but the boils/blisters are probably why your doctor suggested you may have herpes. They are not a common symptom of yeast infections, so it is very likely that something else might be going on. With the blisters, you are likely experiencing an outbreak, and they can be very painful when they burst. There are tests for herpes (both blood and swabs), so I would suggest returning to your doctor and asking for them. At least you can either confirm your suspicions or rule out herpes altogether.

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