Books and Memoirs for MS: Question of the Week

Patient Expert

Summertime reading.   When I was a child, our local library had a special summertime reading program.   Depending upon how many books you read, you earned certain rewards such as free ice cream dips at Dairy Queen.   It was always fun to pick out new books to take home each week.

Nowadays, when I think of summer, heat comes to mind.   Catching up on unfinished projects.   Dreaming of spending a week at the beach. Relaxing in the cool air-conditioning.

Lately, I've started getting back to that good-ole summertime reading.   I've just completed a book written by a friend of mine, Ann Pietrangelo.   She is a blogger/writer who once wrote for HealthCentral.   She has MS and more recently is battling triple negative breast cancer.   When her radiation treatments are complete, I believe that Ann deserves a much-needed vacation, perhaps a couple of weeks at the beach are in order.

Ann's book is No More Secs Living, Laughing, & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis which chronicles her diagnosis experience and the years since, her loving relationship with a fantastic husband/caregiver, their unconventional wedding officiated by a funeral director, her pride in her children and their dreams, and her drive to find a way to make a difference in other people's lives as well as her own.

In Chapter 8, you learn where the title of the book comes from.   I don't want to give it away, but I must admit that I hadn't seen it coming (not having read the title out loud to myself).   It made me laugh!!

Over the years, I've read many books written by people who live with MS.   Several of them are folks whom I've met online or in person at various gatherings.   Somehow it really does make reading the personal experiences much more powerful when you are already acquainted with the author.

My question of the week to you is:

What books about MS, which were written by authors living with the disease, memoirs and such, have you read?   What books would you recommend for others to read?

Let's amass a collection of recommended reading material for people living with the disease including loved ones and caregivers.   I have others in mind, but I want to see what you come up with.

What MS-related books, autobiographies, and memoirs do you recommend?

Addendum: Ann's book is available in e-book form for Kindle or Nook devices or apps.   I purchased my copy from Amazon.   Ann and I are friends, and she has not asked me to mention her book here.

Additional addendum (is there such as thing?): As I was looking for Ann's profile to link to it, I see that she has already posted about her book, separate from her Expert Profile.   Being on the road at that time, I missed Ann's post.