Borderline Left Atrial Abnormality?


Asked by d. parker

Borderline Left Atrial Abnormality?

I recently had an EKG at the hospital that was fine, they said, but when I got home, I saw the term "borderline left atrial abnormality" on my diagnosis form. What does this mean?


Electrocardiographs (EKGs) are printed with an automated reading (the findings typed on the paper) which is computed by a machine sensitive to every little squiggle. The machine's findings are then reviewed by a physician, usually a cardiologist, who can interpret the findings in the context of your medical history and age. The physician decides whether the machine's report is correct or not, and many times the automated findings are inaccurate and not included in the final test results.

A true left atrial abnormality on EKG (ECG-LAA) suggests enlargement of the left atrium which is usually secondary to high pressures or backflow from the left ventricle. A common cause of this would be high blood pressure. I suggest you discuss these findings with your primary care physician, who can read your EKG and correlate the findings with your medical history and physical exam.

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