Bottom Of The Feet Pain


Asked by Connie63

Bottom Of The Feet Pain

I just had an episode with tingling hands and numbing in the face. I was hospitalized and many tests were conducted on me to include an MRI. The MRI had numerous white images with Dawson's fingers, which is a nice way of saying MS. Totally shocked and not expecting this. Now with the knowledge I have been researching and realize that I have been suffering from many symptoms of MS but attributed to my back problems (even discussed with my neurosurgeon.)

My question is.. Does anyone have pain in the bottom of both feet, even when not displaying other symptoms? I have sharp pain when I stand up after not being on them for a time, like early morning, at work, etc..

I am trying to find out what I should tell the Specialist when I see him.....

Thank You


Hi Connie63,

It has been a long time since you posted your question, but I was wondering if you found effective treatments? I would love to see what worked for you and I am sure other community members would be interested as well.

I also have a few links to articles that you might explore.

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Hope you are well!