Is My Boyfriend Depressed Or Is He Breaking Up With Me?


Asked by Susan

Is My Boyfriend Depressed Or Is He Breaking Up With Me?

My boyfriend and I had a very good relationship for almost a year with talk of having a future together. But lately he has not been showing me any affection, including sex. He also talks about how unhappy he is with his life, his job, and his friends, though he has assured me he doesn't want to break up. Does it sound like he is suffering from depression or is he simply unhappy with our relationship and doesn't want to tell me?


It does sound like he's depressed, so it really could be the reason he's withdrawing from you.   That being said, if he isn't willing to get help for it, I don't know that you can do much about it.   He should at least visit his doctor to see if an antidepressant would help and then also see a therapist for his symptoms and his unhappiness with his life.

Most importantly, you need to live YOUR life and if he isn't willing to take the steps to make your relationship work, you shouldn't waste time waiting around for him to seek help or for time to make it better on its own. Even if he comes out of this by himself, there's a good chance it's going to happen again if he doesn't deal with the roots of it.   Plus there might be a biochemistry thing going on that he would have no control over and that would be what medication would help.

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