My Boyfriend Is Showing Signs Of Schizophrenia


Asked by Fairview

My Boyfriend Is Showing Signs Of Schizophrenia

Since moving in with my boyfriend of six months, three months ago, I have begun to worry he might suffer from schizophrenia. Before we started dating his cousin, a good friend of mine, warned me they suspected he might be showing signs, as his uncle is diagnosed schizophrenic. I didn't take them seriously, thinking they were picking on him for being anxious in public, but I'm not so sure anymore. Some behaviors I wonder about are;

-lack of desire to work (he was laid off over a year ago and has since lived off his parents, and unemployement, only he has no desire to work until he has to (unemployement ends).

-he smokes, and drinks for escape daily, and sometimes gets so high or drunk he shuts himself in a room, and will lay so still he looks dead, but is wide awake, or else think he is in a near death situation.

-he has told me several times he is destined for something great, has claimed to think he was jesus, and me mary. He also thinks he is a genius, and more intelligent then nearly everyone. He imagines being famous and rich, and rides the fantasy until he is able.

-he does this thing (word rapping of a sort) says all of these big words and string them together in very weird patterns that often don't make sense. He sees this as a special philosophy, and sometimes when we are talking, he interrupts with it, and acts as though he didn't hear me, or doesn't seem to care he's talking over me.

-he has a bucket, he has filled with energy, a magic so potent, he claims if others were to look in it, or take from it, it might overpower them with negativity for there actions against him. It's filled with trinkets, like necklaces, and pony tail holders, hair, etc.

-he gets drunk or high immediately at parties, and never listens to a word anyone says to him. Then later, he talks about how cool he was, or how annoying someones energy was to him.

-he shuts up, and won't talk to me in public places. And is afraid to speak. I get annoyed because I'll try talking to him, and he'll make a strange face at me and not answer, then I'll call it on him later and he'll shrug it off. Sometimes he'll try to talk to other people while he's ignoring me, but in very strange ways. For instance he will say something really loud in a neighbors direction, and smile like it was brillance, when it's in fact very strange.

-he is very smart, but he has no motivation to go forward in life. Real sense is pepered in just enough, that sometimes I wonder wether it's the drugs alone. (he smokes cigarettes -; though pretends not to, and hides them in his car.)

-When socializing people are always getting annoyed with him because they have to repeat themselves several times before it registers with him.

-he has a very indirect way of communicating.

-he is paranoid his friends do things just to spite him

-he avoids facing any problems

-he was walking around late at night to randomn bars, he feels people should want to give him things for gracing them with his presence, and that the universe will align and people will happen for the best.

-he says the country is in recession because he is out of work, and that he simply needs a job that pays him handsomely and we shall all be restored.

  • he jolts in his sleep

-he sleeps most of the day, at least 10-12 hours in the night, and at least one 1 hour nap in the day, sometimes more.

-he spends money without thinking, and over random things. Tonight he ordered 4 large pizzas, 4, 2 liter bottles of soda, buffalo wings, and two boxes of garlic sticks, because papa johns had a deal online. But we are the only people home, and we've already had dinner.

-he is paranoid others will influence me and take me away from him out of spike or lack of ability to see what a wonderful person he is. And thinks I am washed over with bad energy and he must work me back to normal, before we can function again.

-he was in a night class, but stopped going because he got paranoid. He said one day his class mate asked him a direct question and he did not answer her, and was anxious about having to see her again. Some days were like that others, he talked about how brilliant the things he said were, and how everyone was impressed with him.

I know his family has discussed these things with him, and that he is resistant in talking about them. He is especially resistant with me because I feel he sees me as a lone ally. Do these sound like serious symptoms? Or could these symptoms be related to something else?

For the best answers sake. He has been sexually molested, smokes marijuana, drinks alcohol, and uses klonopin regularly before bed for anxiety.

Thank you


Hello Fairview,

First of all, your boyfriend should not be smoking marijuana if it turns out he has schizoophrenia as marijuana can cause psychosis. It is also possible he is "self-medicating" his emotional state with the alcohol and drugs.

Something is definitely going on. A qualified psychiatrist is the only person to tell you and him whether or not he has schizophrenia. And with the family history, it is quite possible he's headed down that road.

So he definitely needs to get help if this is the case. Read a list of early warning signs of schizophrenia here. The reality is, if he has schizophrenia, he will need to take medication every day for the rest of his life, and he will have to start taking the medication immediately to have the best chance of recovery. The longer any symptoms persist, the worse the illness will progress.

You have only known this guy six months and moved in with him three months ago so I feel the need to tell you that the road ahead will be difficult if it turns out he has schizophrenia and does not get into treatment immediately. You will need to prepare yourself for more of his same behavior if he does not commit to his recovery. From what you've said, the signs are not good.

So even if it turned out he did not have schizophrenia, that doesn't matter.

Something has to change. And fast. Otherwise it is a no-win situation.



Answered by Christina Bruni