Bp High In The Morning And Low In The Afternoon


Asked by Diana L

Bp High In The Morning And Low In The Afternoon

My dad is 80yr old. He used to have lower than normal BP until recently. In the past few years he always woke up with BP around 180/130. But the BP would come down and become normal or slightly low (90/65) around noon time. He took Nifidine (20 mg, extended release) before went to control his high BP in the morning which caused his blood presser to drop to 50 sometimes, especially after meals and when standing still. Why does his BP fluctuate so much? Suggestion for treatment? Thanks a lot


Hi Diana,

Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day depending on a variety of factors, such as activity and stress. Sleep apnea is one potential cause of an elevated morning blood pressure. I recommend discussing further with his physician to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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